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   Terms and conditions:

  1. DBM International Education and Immigration acts as a representative of institutions located in Canada, Australia, Eladia, Europe, UK and USA.

  2. Service and support is free for those who intend to apply through DBM at one of the institutions we represent. 

  3. Customers in attendance undertake to send the study application through DBM exclusively, in return they will receive all the guidance, service and personalized support.

  4. DBM International Education and Immigration, through its educational consultants, will provide the consultancy service with the aim of analyzing the client's profile and providing information on study processes. 

  5. The initial educational consultation  lasts up to 30 minutes. And that includes support for any questions via email, and a second free consultation.

  6. Consultations include analysis of profile and academic documents, analysis of the professional profile, guidelines for completing study process forms  and guidelines on admission requirements at the intended institution.

  7. All consultations  and services will be exclusively intended for the client and his immediate family, spouse  and children. Other family members or friends are not included in the consultation.

  8. Your service may be recorded for service improvement or auditing purposes. We also allow the recording of the consultation, but the customer must inform at the beginning of the service that he is recording. However, this recording may not be used for commercial purposes or public disclosure.

  9. Consultations will be subject to the availability of the consultant's schedule and will be carried out via skype, respecting the time difference between the consultant's city   and the city where the client is located._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  10. Changes to the previously scheduled time can be made at least 48 hours in advance of the day of your service (except weekends and holidays). 

  11. In case of cancellations made by DBM, the appointment will be rescheduled for the closest available time.

  12. In case of delays by the customer, the consultation will not be carried out. If the client wishes to reschedule the consultation, a $100 CAD fee will be charged.

  13. All information provided during the educational consultation is based on the expertise of DBM consultants, on information shared by the institutions we represent and on Canadian legislation, as well as official data released by the Government of Canada. Link:

Terms and conditions last updated Feb 01, 2021.  

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